Launer & Associates primary focus areas are on commercial property, review, litigation support, eminent domain and estate, trust property valuations and brokerage.


We have been providing residential valuation services for more than 40 years. We currently serve the Kern County area where we provide residential valuation product for lenders, attorneys, litigation, insurance claims and retrospective value (forensic) analysis. Michael Launer has many years’ experience as an instructor for real estate appraisal and many local real estate appraisers have been students in classes he has taught.

Residential valuation assignments performed have included some of the most prominent upscale and luxury dwellings as well as the smallest and oldest cottages and bungalows in our service area. Users of our residential appraisal services can be confident that we have the experience and the tools necessary to provide the most competent and credible valuations.

Commercial Property

The principal appraiser has more than 37-years’ experience in appraising a wide variety of commercial, industrial and special-purpose properties. Property types include office buildings, retail properties, apartments/residential-income, land development property and subdivision analysis. Our service area includes all of Kern County, Inyo and Mono counties. We take pride in a reasonably priced fee with emphasis on quality, regulatory compliance and timeliness.

Eminent Domain

Launer & Associates principal appraiser Michael Launer has a strong background in Condemnation and Eminent Domain, a specialized appraisal discipline. He completed the course work and examinations in order be awarded the Certificate of Completion in the Appraisal Institute’s Litigation Certificate Program in 2009. Mr. Launer has provided appraisal reports for both condemning agencies and for private property owners.

Litigation Support

Our firm has provided the legal profession with consultation services, valuation and related expert witness services for real property in litigation. Appraisal services for real estate are often used for taxation purposes, dissolutions/redistributions of partnerships, valuation of property with value dates in the past (retrospective valuation), construction defects, insurance disputes, matters of encroachment, estate settlements and many other issues that raise questions of value.


Our review service provides our lender clients with a tool to assess appraisal reliability reporting and appraisal management for commercial properties. The reviews serve as a check on the reasonableness and accuracy of the appraisal and to ensure that an appraisal complies with legal and regulatory requirements and/or any client specific requirements. The review process is comprehensive and can be tailored for specific requirements such as compliance or technical adequacy.


Michael Launer is licensed by the State of California as a Real Estate Broker (License No. 01900717). In addition to brokerage activities, certain non-appraisal valuation tools are available for clients. These include BPO (Broker Price Opinion) and BOV (Broker’s Opinion of Value). These services are quite similar but the result to the client is that they are presented with an independent opinion that can provide guidance for internal use. These opinions are usually incorporated in our consulting agreements.

Estate & Trust

CPA’s, attorneys and trust administrators seek appraisals during the initial estate planning process to establish real estate value benchmarks from which depreciation, partnership valuation and other aspects of the estate can be planned. The appraisals are uses throughout the life of the estate in administrating and allocating assets owned or controlled by the estates. We are often called on to provide appraisals as of the date of death of the principals in estates for IRS reporting purposes. Appraisals prepared for IRS reporting have unique requirements that differ significantly from appraisals for other uses. It is important to retain appraisal firms that stay current with the IRS mandatory requirements.

What does MAI and AI GRS mean?

MAI Membership Designation

The MAI membership designation is held by professionals who can provide a wide range of services relating to all types of real property, such as providing opinions of value, evaluations, review, consulting and advice regarding investment decisions, among others. Property types may include commercial, industrial, agricultural, residential, vacant land and others.
To become a MAI Designated member of the Appraisal Institute, an individual must:

  • Have good moral charager
  • Meet standards and ethics requirements
  • Pass rigorous education requirements
  • Pass a final comprehensive examination
  • Submit specialized experience which must meet strict criteria
  • Receive credit for the demonstration of knowledge requirement

These appraisers have the necessary commercial property valuation experience and knowledge in a property’s relevant geographic area to produce a valuation that instills confidence. They have a proven commitment to ethical practices, as Appraisal Institute MAI Designated members agree to adhere to the Appraisal Institute code of professional ethics and standards of professional appraisal practice.
The MAI designation has long been recognized by courts of law, government agencies, financial institutions and investors as a mark of excellence in the field of real estate valuation and analysis.

AI-GRS Designation

The AI-GRS membership designation is held by professionals who can provide reviews of appraisals of a wide range of property types, including commercial, industrial, agricultural, residential, vacant land and others.
To become an AI-GRS Designated member of the Appraisal Institute, an individual must:

  • Have good moral character
  • Meet standards and ethics requirements
  • Meet special education requirements
  • Pass a comprehensive examination
  • Possess experience in general appraisal review that meets specific standards

These review appraisers possess experience and knowledge that give them the tools to address the issues unique to general and commercial real property review appraisals. AI-GRS Designated members agree to adhere to the Appraisal Institute code of professional ethics and standards of professional appraisal practice, underscoring their commitment to sound and ethical professional practice.
These review appraisers must stay informed of developments pertaining to review of general and commercial real property appraisals, enabling them to provide review appraisals reflecting the latest in professional practice.
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